2010 single "here to stay" (by september campers) released for [open taipei 城市概念專輯]
formed september campers
went to alaska with family
vocal produced the girl & the robots's 1st album "miss november"
performed at rock in taichung festival on 9-5 with the girl & the robots
saw pet shop boys live concert in taipei
saw massive attack live concert in taipei
performed at esplanade recital studio for in:::music on 8-13 in singapore [ciacia 。夏。省電樂]
backing vocal for angela 張韶涵's "2010 singing on pandora" tour
wrote a song for 萬芳 (don't wanna be)
performed at a good day: lien lien kan festival in taichung (圓滿劇場) on 3-28
single "a dialogue between me & my ghost" released for [風和日麗連連看合輯]
2009 backing vocal arrangement for ltk's "loh tsui kweh commune 20 years project:hits"
saw u2 360o tour in toronto
saw the killers live concert in toronto
producing mrs.this's 2nd studio album
produced 3 songs for where chou's new album (周蕙+夜動+難題)
performed at riverside livehouse for "miss perfect 10th anniversary party" on 2-21
vocal produced the girl & the robots's 1st ep
2008 crawled back to hitfm network in april
performed at the wall with hello saferide & maia hirasawa on 4-12
producing "jo"ep
performed at rooftop live with sprintmars on 8-23
went to virgin festival in sep. (toronto) for the 2nd time
saw goldfrapp live concert in toronto
produced nylas's 1st complete studio album
performed at urban simple life on 12-7
the single "we keep going, happily" is scheduled to be released on 12-17
{40} 萬壽無疆生日趴 is held on 12-17 at riverside livehouse
performed on "rock you 2009 new year's eve party" in Kaoshung on 12-31

nominated for 2006 年度北京流行音樂典禮專業獎項 in the catagory of "best lyricist"
saw muse live in concert (taipei)
performed at spring scream
wrote lyrics for Tarcy Su (bye bye baby)
saw incubus & justin timberlake live concerts in toronto
went to virgin festival in sep. (toronto)
vocal produced for nylas's ep
created the official sites for riverside musicians studio & riverside musicians institute
left hitfm network in the end of october (rock dj's last show on the 28th of oct.)


performed at spring scream with the tassels (her + berry + deserts + cent) (小碎花兒)
performed at hohaiyan music festival (has been postponed 3 times due to typhoons)
wrote lyrics for Tarcy Su (輪廓)
saw red hot chilli peppers, snow patrol, eric clapton & nouvelle vague (toronto) live in concerts
saw aerosmith live in concert (buffalo)


performed at spring scream with sweet ho! (穗好)
maintained & updated riverside music cafe's web pages
wrote lyrics of "海灣" for what?mulan
created the official site for what?mulan
"me" ep was released indipendently on sep.11
"me" ep winter tour (nuno's live house of taichung, room 335 of tainan, att live house of kaushiong & the wall of taipei)
"me" ep winter tour featuring 37-year-old party (管她三七惡勢力) at riverside music cafe on dec.17 (special presentation: dyed "me" tee show)
saw u2, pearl jam, jack johnson, 13&god, jason mraz & the rolling stones live in concerts (toronto)
saw prodigy live in conert (taipei)

2004 became rock dj of hitfm network
performed at spring scream with peppercats (胡椒蝦)
was invited to be one of the judges for the hohaiyan music festival finals, but decided to quit the job before the competition began
created love dj christine's personal web site
went to france & the alps with family, drove (renalt scenic manual, rented) more than 2000km during the trip
2003 album "her sheen sway" was nominated for the third annual 華語流行樂傳媒大獎 in the catagories of "top 10 albums of the year", "best rock artist", "best lyricist", & "indie music award", won the "top 10 albums of the year"
wrote & produced songs for eVonne, 周蕙, 雅立 & 鄭秀文
was a project planner for wongfu's book "同名同姓"

produced & recorded her 2nd album "her sheen sway (她的。發光搖擺) ", flew to england for the album mix down (tore johansson), drove from toronto to nyc for mastering (howie weinberg), spent a grand total of $2,500,000 (ntd) for the entire project
"her sheen sway" was released on dec.24 by gamma music
produced & wrote songs for 蕭瀟's debut album "beautiful angel"
wrote lyrics & vocal produced eVonne's 2nd album "孤單芭蕾"
wrote lyrics for 本多ruru
"her sheen sway" was selected to be one of the top 10 albums of the year by 中華音樂人交流協會
went to bali, indonesia
saw broadcast & saint etienne live in concert (brighton)

2001 the book "bi-dou-yen (筆逗言) " was published
signed to 8866, another disaster
signed to core music
produced & wrote songs for 吳姵文, 小雪, 伊能靜 & 丁文琪
wrote lyrics for bjack's 1st ep
created the official web site for chockablock
2000 nominated in best new artist catagory for the 11th annual golden melody award
album "miss perfect" was selected to be one of the top 10 albums of the year by 中時娛樂
had a surgery for vocal cord at national taiwan university hospital
wrote & produced songs for a female group "beauty.4"
created official site www.ciacia.com
saw jamiroquai live in concert (tokyo)
1999 signed to mandala works (真言社)
"miss perfect" was released on jan 1
went to malaysia to participate the annual asian song festival, won the grand prize of the unpublished song catagory with a never-been-released song "撿紅點" (composed by 李欣芸)
live concert with luantan (亂彈) at @live on july 17
1997~1998 sang a few commercial songs such as barbie dolls, 隆美窗簾...
was the lead vocalist of a band called "the headlines", performed mainly at hard rock cafe (TW)
wrote the lyrics of "superman" for 超仁
signed to chen-wei, another disaster
recorded debut album "miss perfect (完美小姐) " in boston for 12 days
went to italy (rome, venice, florence, milan...)

ran a production house with her friends & failed
designed cd-roms art works and some album covers for friendly dogs (友善的狗)
wrote few ballads for artists such as 王馨平, 黎瑞恩, 梁立...
signed to dala music
was forced to record an album which was a disaster and thank god it has never been released
first time in a music video, helped driving a jeep in a 泰迪羅賓's mv called "與我的感覺"
was a production assistant to 謝宇威's debut album
wrote lyrics for 謝宇威's "angel in my heart"
been to holland (armsterdam), england (london), france (paris), austria (vienna) & us (nyc, la, sf) in three different trips with different groups of friends
saw michael jackson (taipei) & keanu reeves's dogstar (san francisco) live in concerts

wasted her youth in toronto hanging out with gangsters (CA)
graduated from U of Waterloo majored in General Math
went to china (beijing, shanghai, hangcho, sucho, nanjing...) with her father

attended kindergarten (育仁幼稚園), elementary (台中師專附小) & high (曉明女中) schools in taichung (TW)
went to thailand, singapore & japan with family

was born to be patricia ho (nickname: ciacia / chinese characters: 何欣穗 pronounced her-sheen-sway) in hong kong with blood type b+ & lots of hair
............................................................. if you actually go through all this crap... thank you so much. (updated on sept.15 2007)