A Dialouge Between Me & My Ghost
words & music by ciacia (12.2007)

If you would sing me a song, a simple one would cheer me up
Then I would take this walk let you decide which way to go
In my life, there were doubts, different kinds made me frown
In my dreams, you were found, I must be hauntedK

If you would write me a poem, just simple lines could make things work
Then I would find you a home where mountains high and water flows
All my life, Ive fooled around, though Ive tried to settle down
In my dreams, you pronounced that Ive been haunted
By nowK

If you would help me grow, some pretty flowers and St. Johns wort
Then I would take it slow to stay alive a few years more
All my life, Ive been drowned by all these wines and all the crowd
In my dreams, you made me proud but still were haunted, so haunted
Right now...